I draw stupidcats!

Helloooo, my name’s Michelle and I'm an illustrator based in Nottinghamshire in the UK. 

I’ve always loved drawing – unfortunately my earliest works are lost as they were on the wall by my bed. When I got bigger I worked as a typesetter, then a graphic designer – career choices which stemmed from my fascination with rub-down Letraset type as a child. My parents were both draughtsmen, so it’s not hard to see where my affinity with graphics and drawing came from, and I still use some of their drawing equipment today. 

Writing has always been a big part of my life too, and I write under the pen name of Rose Appleby (Rose is my middle name, and Appleby my mum’s maiden name). And, of course, reading goes hand-in-hand with writing, and I’m a huge reader. I also love strange and unusual bookworks, and beautiful paper.

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